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The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On Pt. 2

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The Tree of Life and the Strength of Moving On 

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2016 - April 2024 (Digital)
 The Dead Book



What's in you

Vocals collaboration with the Fool on the Hill & Dear Prudence.
If you buy this song, you are supporting Wichi Art School & Doctors without borders. 2011 - 2012

Hideaki Domon  & Sira Garcias

​"Walk to the Moon" 2012 - current

On itunes - New Vintage Records


The CD will be only and exclusively available in some charity concerts and other venues performed by Sira Garcias. Unfortunately not INTERNET at the moment. CD idea, design and copyright by Sira 

Picture / photo design by Thais.

January 2014

Mind Reading & Keops & the sun

Contract cancelled by Sira Garcias

"Portal Latino S.L" SGAE

2011 - FEB 2012


Vocals with the Fool on the Hill

If You buy this song you are supporting Wichi Art School

2010 - 2013

Album "Destine" by Sira & Domon available now on itunes. JUNE 2014 - JUNE 2015

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