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Sira Alternative Medicine Land Project

April 23, 2022

Dear Friends and Clients,

I hope you are all keeping positive, with many new goals and achievements in your lives.

In the past few months, I’ve been busy doing a new herbal medicine project in the South of Spain. It was a heavy task to think about the best herbs to grow there, in order to develop my own future product. Today I’m happy to share the results and details of my personal land project and artwork. I planted new Trees, seeds and herbs for medicinal purposes and transformed the barren land into an oasis of vibrant green; which now encapsulates the very essence of Mother Nature. I initially started digging small holes with a small garden shovel and the project started to go with the flow fast and smoothly.

I still need to do some work, cultivating the mountainside area. I will keep you all updated, regarding the progress.

The land project, for me was a Magical Self Healing process. As the land was once owned by my past generations of family, I experienced many powerful emotions.

I’m expecting to give further details about the project in the very near future and hopefully friends and clients can experience a break away from the city.


Sira Garcias

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